Guyana Goldfields Inc. announced via a statement today that it has stopped work at its Aurora Gold Mine (AGM) after a portion of its striking workforce blocked delivery of ore to the mill.

As a safety precaution, the company said it has decided to temporarily suspend operations until a resolution is reached. It is in the process of evacuating all non-essential personnel from site, including the striking workers.

The company believes the stoppage was the result of a misunderstanding concerning the management and relationship between AGM and certain open pit mining contractors. The firm said it has been examining options to improve mining performance in order to ensure Aurora’s long-term future. No decision has been made concerning any possible changes to the mining operation at this time.

Further to this, the company said it is actively working along with its employees, is adhering to applicable laws and regulations and is facilitating communication with the relevant governmental labour authorities to understand and address employees’ concerns and to resolve the matter as quickly as possible.

It said, too, that it is making arrangements to have the strikers meet with representatives of the Ministry of Labour to mediate the dispute.

Work on the underground exploration decline remains unaffected.


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