“Is off of hunger and temptation caused me to rob the man. Tomorrow is my daughter first birthday and I wanted to get her something nice,” were the words of a man who pleaded guilty to a robbery charge.

Oswald Cumberbatch, 32, of Laing Avenue, pleaded guilty to the charge which stated that on July 2, 2019, at Croal Street, Stabroek, Georgetown, he robbed Al Ansar Abdul of a phone valued at $122,000 and, at the time of the robbery, used personal violence towards Abdul.

Facts presented by Police Prosecutor Seon Blackman stated that on the day in question at around 08:00 hrs, the victim was walking along Croal Street in the vicinity of the route 40 minibus park when Cumberbatch approached him, pulled him to the ground, and relieved him of his phone. The court heard that Cumberbatch attempted to escape but the victim and other persons held onto him until police arrived and arrested him.

A remorseful Cumberbatch added, “I know I was wrong fuh do what I did but is because of my situation. Mommy, I can’t work hard because I been get stab up so I can’t really fatigue myself.”

Cumberbatch added, “I know I have to pay for my wrong mommy, but see with my situation, man, cause tomorrow is my daughter birthday. Have lil sympathy on me. I am sorry for what I did.”

The magistrate, in handing down her decision, told the court that if it was not for the victim being an able-bodied individual who was able to hold onto him he would have gotten away. Hence, she sentenced him to two years in prison.

The magistrate told Cumberbatch that while he is incarcerated she hopes that he learns a trade so that on his release back into society he would be a better person.


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