The Mayor and City Council (M&CC) of Georgetown is calling on all citizens to be more environmentally aware and help to reduce littering in the city. To this end, the Council will be commencing an anti-littering campaign by July month end.

The public will be educated on the environmental consequences of littering as it relates to health and the legal implications of this negative practice.

This initiative is a multi-stakeholder project, involving other agencies such as various government departments, non-governmental organisations, the business community, and civil society.

According to M&CC’s Public Relations Officer (PRO) Debra Lewis, the council had embarked on several clean-up campaigns in the central business district over the past months which saw the Solid Waste and Engineers Departments clearing several dump sites in the city.

“However, it was observed that two days after these clean-up exercises, particularly in areas that were cleaned, drains and parapets were once again taken over with refuse. It is important to note that indiscriminate dumping and all acts of littering place a burden on the limited resources both financial and human. It also has environmental and public health effects,” the PRO noted.

The Mayor of Georgetown, Pandit Ubraj Narine, is encouraging all citizens to participate in this programme. His Worship noted that Georgetown must be returned to its clean green pristine status and the culture of littering must be changed in order to advance the green agenda.


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