Even as police probe the death of Nurse Schenise Apple, whose lifeless body was discovered last week in her Mahdia Nurses’ Hostel room, the Ministry of Public Health has been simultaneously conducting its own investigation.

According to information coming from the Ministry, the internal investigation is being spearheaded by Regional Health Services Director, Dr Kay Shako. It was revealed that when Nurse Apple was found dead, Region Eight Regional Health Officer (RHO), Dr Chrissundra Abdool, contacted the police who launched an investigation and this was quickly followed by another probe by Dr Shako.

“I believe in allowing due process to take place,” said Minister of Public Health Volda Lawrence during a recent staff meeting. At the meeting too, the Minister revealed that both the Public Health and Social Protection Ministry are collaborating to offer financial support to the dead nurse’s family to assist with the funeral expenses.

“The Ministry of Public Health has been there from the inception. We have been dealing directly with the father,” said Minister Lawrence who revealed that she had spoken to the father, Mr Dexton Copeland, to travel to Georgetown instead of Mahdia as he had originally planned. This was in light of the fact, the Minister said, that arrangements were already advanced to transport the body to Georgetown so the family can witness the postmortem at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC). Reports suggest that the result of the postmortem, which was conducted by Government Pathologist, Dr Nehaul Singh, is currently with the Police Force.

It was after Nurse Apple failed to turn up for dinner that her colleagues went in search of her, only to be confronted with her lifeless body. “Her loss is our loss. It really saddens the public health sector,” Minister Lawrence said.


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