The phantom killings, proliferation of drugs, impoverished communities that were practically forgotten, and the mismanagement of state resources under the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) are just a few of the reasons why Presidential Advisor on Youth Aubrey Norton feels confident that the A Partnership for National Unity+Alliance for Change (APNU+AFC) party will return to office following the next general and regional elections.

During an interview today with radio announcer Stan Gouveia, Norton categorically stated that, contrary to the misguided views of the political opposition, the government is not afraid of elections. In addition to its checkered governance record, Norton said that the PPP’s Presidential Candidate Irfaan Ali pales into insignificance when placed beside APNU’s David Granger. Norton said, “First of all, Granger’s qualifications are out there and we are still to know the authenticity of Irfaan’s.”

The APNU Executive also spoke about the “dishonest nature” of the PPP. He said, “If they see a cow and it would be in their best interest to say it is a dog, then they would say it is a dog.”

Expounding further, he reminded of the engagements he had with Ali while he served as Shadow Minister for Housing. Norton noted that Ali had made the claim that the PPP gave Lindeners 21,000 house lots. However, there are on average four persons per house lot in Linden. This works out to about 84,000 persons given house lots. He noted, however, that Linden has a population of approximately 60,000. Pointing to the glaring shortfall, Norton said he is confident that Guyanese would not go for this level of dishonesty again.

The Presidential Advisor further stated that Guyanese will remember that, prior to the APNU+AFC being in office, citizens were being killed like fleas and many crimes remained unsolved.

“But when we came to power, we began to improve the benefits and resources available to the Guyana Police Force and gave them more training to boost their capacity…Guyana has become safe and people can now rely on the force to solve new crimes as well as those which were languishing during the rule of the PPP,” expressed Norton.

The official opined that he does not see how the PPP can win the next general and regional elections in light of his foregoing points. He said that the track record of this government against the poor performance of the PPP will ensure the government is returned to office.


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