A man who admitted to robbing a woman because his child’s mother wanted milk money was today sentenced to two years’ imprisonment for the offence. 

The sentence was handed down by Senior Magistrate Dylon Bess in the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts.

Twenty-six-year-old Jason Thomas, known as ‘Curl Up’, a clothing vendor, pleaded guilty with explanation to the charge which stated that, on June 22, 2019, at Regent and Wellington Streets, Georgetown, he stole one gold band valued at $120,000, the property of Claire-Ann Ramberran.

Thomas in his explanation stated, “I know what I did was wrong. I was under the influence of alcohol but if the victim drop the matter against me, I would never come before another magistrate in my entire life. I have two children and I need another chance.”

Facts presented by Police Prosecutor Adduni Inniss stated that, on the day in question at around 13:10 hrs, the victim, along with her sister, was walking along Regent Street and was about to cross the street at the intersection of Wellington Street, when Thomas walked up beside her and pulled off her gold band from her right hand.

The court heard that Thomas attempted to run away but an alarm was raised by the victim and her sister. Shortly after, ranks in the area were able to apprehend Thomas.

A search was then carried out on his person and the gold band was found in a pocket of his pants. Hence, he was arrested and taken to the station. While at the station, an identification parade was conducted and Thomas was positively identified by the victim as the person who robbed her.

Thomas, in his explanation to the court at that time, said, “I was frustrated the morning because my child mother told me she have to get milk money and she will carry me to court and summons me.”

A remorseful Thomas added, “ It was a mistake and everybody does make mistakes. Plus she [the victim] get back her band.”


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