“I was hungry so I pick up the money to buy things to eat. I took the money and buy two piece chicken for both of us because is six years we living together,” were the words of a woman who pleaded guilty to a simple larceny charge.

Forty-two-year old Leah Cadogan, of John Street, Lodge, Georgetown, appeared before Senior Magistrate Leron Daly, where she was slapped with two charges.

The first charge stated that on July 8, 2019, at 36 John Street, Lodge, Georgetown, she stole $10,000 cash from Angelo Lupe, her spouse.

It was further alleged that on July 16 at 36 John Street, Lodge, Georgetown, she stole one phone valued at $25,000, property of Angelo Lupe.

The woman pleaded guilty with explanation to the first charge and denied the latter charge.

The unrepresented woman in her explanation stated, “I was really hungry that day so I pick up the money. I took the money to him and asked him for it but he was sleeping so he did not answer. I went and buy a two piece chicken for me and a two piece for him.”

The woman said in relation to the phone, “He get three phones and the day he forget his phone home and while I was taking it to him somebody robbed me. The person took away his phone and my iPhone also.”

The Magistrate after listening to the woman asked Lupe if he would like to proceed with the matters and he said no, but he would like his spouse to stop smoking and get the necessary help.

The woman upon hearing that stated, “Smoking does make me feel happy because this man and his family does stress me out. When I ready to stop smoke I will. I don’t want no one making that decision for me.”

When asked by the magistrate if she work the teary woman stated, “I am a cosmetologist but nobody ain’t want hire me. I does go and wash for some people every two weeks and they does pay me.”

Magistrate Daly dismissed the matters against the woman and order that she under counseling.


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