To stimulate innovation through improved awareness on the role of local government in achieving development, the National Conference of Local Democratic Organs (NCLDO) will be held next week. The two-day (25 – 26 July 2019) event will be held under the theme: “Advancing National Development through Empowered and Innovative Local Democratic Organs in a Green Economy.”

However, even as the event nears, there have been reports emanating from the Communities Ministry which suggest that there are plans by the opposition-controlled Councils to not only boycott but to prevent public officers (Overseers) from attending the conference.

The Ministry, in a statement, said, “This is counterproductive and signals that the Opposition has no interest in local government renewal despite being a major stakeholder in this process.”

As such the Ministry said that it, “condemns this regressive behaviour and urges all local leaders to participate and represent the interest of the residents who elected them to serve.” 

The NCLDO is a forum which brings together all three layers of government under the strategic programme to empower and equip Local Democratic Organs (LDOs) for improved service delivery to the residents of their communities, towns and regions.

This year’s conference will consolidate and build on the achievements made in restoring functionality to the system of local governance. Among its other focus will be: to provide an update on the implementation progress since the inaugural NCLDO held in July 2018; to review and prioritise the recommendations from the inaugural NCLDO 2018 and to develop a plan of action to guide the implementation of the recommendations.

The leadership of all 10 regional administrations including Regional Chairpersons and Vice-Chairpersons, Regional Executive Officers and Councillors from the opposition have been invited to participate in this capacity-building exercise.

Delegates will also be drawn from the 80 local organs (10 municipalities-Mayors and Deputies, Town Clerks) and the 70 Neighbourhood Democratic Councils.


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