The Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) is no longer prepared to offer an efficient service when it comes to dealing with cellular phones without clearly identifiable International Mobile Equipment (IMEI) numbers. Moreover, the GRA has put importers of such devices on notice, stating that it “will not accept or process any declarations where the IMEI number for each cellular phone is not stated clearly.”

According to the revenue authority agency too, “Importers are reminded that the full description of all items must be clearly stated on all invoices submitted” and “failure to comply will result in delays in the processing of their declarations.”

In fact, the GRA said that from as early as next month it will not be obligated to process, in an efficient manner, devices lacking the IMEI numbers.

In a public notice it stated, “the Guyana Revenue Authority would like to notify all importers of mobile cellular phones that with effect from August 1, 2019, the International Mobile Equipment (IMEI) for all cellphones must be clearly on invoices or listed separately and uploaded and submitted with the declarations (via e-sad entries).”


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