The telephone numbers (592) 223-0001, 223-0009, 623-4444 or 600-7896 are 24-hour, toll-free crisis hotline that is available to members of the public who may be feeling suicidal or may have mental health issues. However, even more helpful information will be readily available in the coming days that could help to ward off such situations within our society.

At a two-day Suicide Prevention Gatekeeper Training workshop which will be held in collaboration with The American University of Peace Studies, Inc. and the William James College — USA, Center for Multicultural and Global Mental Health, persons are expected to get a better understanding of measures that can help to prevent suicide in Guyana. This is in light of the fact that the workshop will aim to increase knowledge about suicide, depression, and trauma; address beliefs and attitudes about suicide and mental illness; and increase self-efficacy and skills to facilitate intervention with a person at risk of suicide.

The Suicide Prevention Gatekeeper Training Facilitator is Dr. Natalie A. Cort, a licensed Clinical Psychologist and Assistant Professor attached to the Clinical Psychology Department at William James College, United States.

A total of 40 Gatekeepers are being targeted for training at the workshop, which will span July 30 and 31. Among those expected to be in training are students of the university and key stakeholders, who will be equipped with the knowledge and skills to assist individuals with suicidal ideations and tendencies and persons with mental illnesses.

“It is our intention for the Gatekeepers to provide assistance to individuals in their various communities, workplaces and families,” the University announced in an official statement.

The hosting of the workshop is said to be an annual initiative amongst William James College, Center for Multicultural and Global Mental Health and The American University of Peace Studies, Inc., to help combat and eradicate the various social ills including victims of abuse, suicidal tendencies, and mental illness.


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