Even as it continues to wage war against smuggled fuel, the Guyana Energy Agency (GEA) has been highlighting the negative impact of this activity on the environment. In fact, the Agency has revealed that fuel smuggling is only another addition to the many other factors that contribute to air pollution.

“Smuggled fuel negatively impacts the environment,” the fuel monitoring body revealed even as it added in a public announcement that “poor quality fuel may not only damage vehicles but it is also a major cause of air pollution.”

Polluted air, according to GEA, can affect a variety of respiratory conditions such as asthma and adversely impact climate change by adding to the atmospheric greenhouse gases that create global warming effects.

Moreover, the Agency is urging the public to “do your part in the battle to stamp out fuel smuggling”.

To this end, the Agency said that persons can provide information to a number of agencies including GEA on telephone numbers: 226-0394 and 629-3391. Persons can also make contact with the Ministry of Social Security hotlines: 227-5214, or 227-5219; the Guyana Revenue Authority on: 227-6060 exts.: 3205, 3207 or 3209, or the Customs and Anti Narcotics Unit on 227-3507.


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