The Ministry of Public Infrastructure, through its Sea and River Defence Department, has sealed the breach at Dantzig in Mahaicony, with remedial emergency works done by A&S General Contractors Inc.

The Ministry, in a recent post on its Facebook page, said that Minister within the Ministry of Public Infrastructure Jaipaul Sharma visited the sealed sites yesterday to evaluate the works done and to oversee the remaining work to be done.

According to Minister Sharma, the remedial works are currently 75% complete and farmers and residents alike can rest assured his Ministry’s Sea and River Defence team is monitoring the area on a daily basis.

During the visit, farmers and residents spoke with the minister and expressed satisfaction with the progress of work done to date.

Chief Sea and River Defence Officer Kevin Samad also explained that his department has encountered some challenges due to inclement weather, but noted that measures will be taken to address the challenges when the rainy season ends.

To date, a total of 125 meters of rip rap works has been completed.

The ministry is assuring residents that it will continue to monitor the areas and provide measures for quick response to secure all vulnerable sections, to arrest the erosion of the sea dam, and to prevent consequential flooding.


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