A total of 23 young people recently completed the fifth agro-processing training programme being executed by the Youth Empowerment Unit of the Department of Youth in collaboration with the Guyana School of Agriculture (GSA).

After four days, the residential programme culminated with a graduation ceremony and exhibition held on Friday last, in the school’s compound.

The training, which targeted persons between the ages of 18 and 35, focused on areas such as Food Safety and Quality; Preservation of meats, specifically beef and pork; condiments such as green seasonings and hot sauces and Fruit Preservation (carambola, papaw etc.)

According to Senior Research, Planning and Development Officer of the Youth Empowerment Unit, Ms. Adeti De Jesus, the objectives of the programme was to allow for persons to be trained in agro processing and return to their communities as trainers.

The participants of the programme were not only trained to also become self-employment, but they were also furnished with contacts of persons who can aid in their entrepreneurial endeavours.

The training is in keeping with Government’s intention to boost the agriculture sector and empower young people to take up farming, especially utilising innovative and modern technology.

Providing an overview of the initiative, Senior Economic Empowerment Officer of the Youth Empowerment Unit, Mr. Samuel Saul emphasised Guyana’s agricultural capabilities, especially when it comes to agro-processing.

“We produce an abundance of fruits, vegetables and livestock among other agricultural products. Sometimes there may be difficulties taking some of these produces to the market, hence there is some amount of spoilage…adding value to these can minimise waste and maximise benefits,” Saul said.

He noted that the agro-processing training programme was therefore designed to empower and enable young Guyanese to take advantage of the opportunities that can benefit themselves, their families, their communities, and the country as a whole.

Delivering the feature address and charge to the trainees was Mr. Brian Greenidge, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Guyana School of Agriculture.

Greenidge shared with the students, 11 traits of highly successful people, noting that “if you really want to bring success in your life, you should cultivate yourself just as you’d cultivate a garden for the best yield.”

In congratulating the graduates, the CEO underscored the importance of practicing patience, humility, self-discipline and self-confidence, while remaining a motivated and optimistic person of integrity.

Meanwhile, the students have returned to their communities with big plans, and the requisite knowledge and tools needed to execute these.
The Youth Empowerment Unit will also be hosting a similar training session in August.


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