A 600-foot well has been drilled in the village of Moco Moco, Region 9, just one week following the announcement of the project by officials of the Guyana Water Incorporated (GWI).

Dr Richard Van West-Charles told the residents of Moco Moco on Tuesday, July 30 that this intervention forms part of GWI’s commitment to ensure equity countrywide.

“Following assessments in the Region, we’ve found a number of non-functional systems but with new technology at our disposal, we can now make better provisions for improved water access”, Dr Van West-Charles posited.

The newly drilled well will be accompanied by a pump, photovoltaic system, and four-inch transmission mains that will be laid close to residents’ homes so that they can connect to same.

Additionally, GWI will be sending an excavator to assist the community with digging for the laying of pipelines as well as to dig the extension of the community pool, at the request of the Toshao. He noted that the pool serves as a facility to encourage practice and competition in swimming.

Upon completion of the distribution system, water will be pumped from the well, directly to the transmission lines. A trestle and storage tank will be constructed in the future as a backup system.

The community will assist with the laying of the lines and the provision of timber for the construction of fencing around the well.

Executive Director of Hinterland Services, Mr Ramchand Jailal called on Moco Moco Toshao Mr James George to identify persons within the community who can be trained as servicemen, while Dr Van West Charles committed to working with the Region 9 Democratic Council to repair the nonfunctional sanitary blocks that exist in the nursery and primary schools.

He further explained that even as works continue, additional communities will be added and catered for under the utility’s 2020 budget.

The toshao and residents expressed their gratitude to the team for its timely interventions.

Meanwhile water improvement works are ongoing in Yupukari and Kaicumbay and follow-up visits were made by Dr Van West-Charles and a technical team on Monday, July 29 to assess the progress to date.

In Yupukari, the photovoltaic system was installed and connected to the wells in the community. While pipelines have been laid to install 25 service connections in the western part of the community, more lengths of pipe are being laid to serve the rest of the community.

Contact was also made with the Regional office to ensure the sanitary blocks at the school and the health centre are functional.

Meanwhile, assessments at the health centre have revealed that there is need for two trestles to be further elevated in order to ensure water is available in the shower at the facility.

GWI has also committed to providing four additional tanks to the school’s sanitary block and two at the health center, in addition to a water heating system.

In Kaicumbay, GWI is to build a well head, install a discharge, photovoltaic system and connect the water distribution network.


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