Gold Declarations to date for 2019 show an increase over similar declarations for the same period (January-July) 2018 and the trend points to another record-breaking year for production and declarations in 2019. Thus far, some 400,000 ounces of gold have been declared.

This was disclosed by Minister of Natural Resources, Raphael Trotman on Wednesday, July 31, 2019, as he joined the board members and staff of the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission (GGMC) to celebrate its 40th anniversary.

In the minister’s speech that was provided to the media, the minister was quoted as saying, “Although gold declarations decreased slightly in 2018 (613,072.96 oz. compared to 653,754.41 in 2017), we are seeing a steady and pleasing upward trend for 2019, being higher than projected for the period January to June (300,673.80 oz.). As at the end of July, we are almost at the 400,000 oz. mark, which represents an approximate average of 55,000 oz. per month.”

According to the ministry, other good news for celebration was that Guyana now boasts three ongoing bauxite operations at Linden and Aroaima in Region 10, and at Bonasika in Region 3. This is as a result of First Bauxite’s entry to the fold of bauxite producers alongside Bosai Minerals and Rusal.

The ministry noted that the Petroleum Division of the GGMC is to be praised for its efforts in preparing the nation for “first oil” within the targeted period.

The minister commended GGMC’s embracing of Information Technology to digitise the process of applications for prospecting and mining permits and overall land management.

All these achievements, the minister opined, have been made in the face of attempts at the disruption of operations of the institution, challenges brought on by changing weather patterns that hinder effective hinterland road maintenance, and unhelpful criticism which seek to define the GGMC as an inept and inefficient state agency. GGMC, he said, has defied its critics and continues to stand strong.

The GGMC was established as a statutory body by an Act of Parliament on May 14th, 1979 to, among other things, “promote interest in mining and mineral exploration, the development of the mineral potential of Guyana, and the production, supply and sale of minerals and mineral products.”


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