A bus conductor was today sentenced to two years’ imprisonment after pleading guilty to robbing an overseas visitor of his phone.

Ernie Reid, 26, of ‘B’ Field Sophia, Georgetown pleaded guilty with explanation to the charge which stated that on July 31 at Parade Street, Georgetown, while being armed with a knife, he robbed Conor Haynes of a phone valued at $290,000.

Reid, in his explanation to the court, stated, “I was frustrated and I don’t know what fly in my head to snatch the man phone. I am very sorry for what I did but I did not mean to do it.”

Facts presented by Police Prosecutor Christopher Morris stated that on July 31, the victim, who is in Guyana on vacation, was walking along Parade Street when he was approached by the defendant. Reid, the court heard, held Haynes at knifepoint.

The court heard Reid told the victim, “If you don’t give me this phone I’ll bore you up with this knife.” The victim, being fearful for his life, handed over the phone.

However, Reid was apprehended by public-spirited persons who found the phone in his possession and handed him over to the police.

Magistrate McGusty, after listening to the facts, sentenced Reid to two years behind bars. A seemingly remorseful Reid, upon hearing he was sentenced, questioned, “So this ain’t bailable, your Honour?”


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