Commander-in-Chief, President David Granger, presented Lieutenant Britany Van Lange with her Instrument of Commission on June 27 last, cementing her status as an officer of the Guyana Defence Force. Trained at the United States Military Academy (West Point), Lt Van Lange began her military career as an officer cadet on the Guyana Defence Force Standard Officer Course 48 (SOC48).

The young officer credits her short but relevant GDF officer cadet training with preparing her for BEAST, a boot-camp type of orientation to the US military.

“I had enlisted to be trained as an officer of the GDF. Although the time spent training locally was short, it was sufficient to give an appreciable grounding in things military,” she said. “I am happy to be back in Guyana where this all started for me, though I must say that I have entered a somewhat steep learning curve,” she shared.

“Even though the US training environment and military traditions are quite different from what obtains here in Guyana, this is where I have to make my training count, and I am certain that excellence will continue to be the goal I pursue.”

The West Point graduate earned a Bachelor’s Degree with a major in Engineering Psychology and a minor in Eurasian studies. However, her path to this academic achievement began at the ABC Academy, Mae’s Schools and the School of the Nation’s. She then proceeded to the Bishops’ High School where she successfully completed 12 CSEC subjects then matriculated at Queen’s College where she earned passes in four CAPE subjects.


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