A doctor was robbed yesterday afternoon when a bandit pretended to be a patient and grabbed the medical practitioner’s phone at the Sophia Health Centre.

According to information received, the medical personnel was talking on his phone while standing in the health centre’s compound. This allegedly caught the attention of the suspect, who was at the time, walking on the roadway.

The Guyana Standard was told that the suspect walked into the compound and went straight to the doctor, telling him at first that he was in pain before grabbing the victim’s phone. The suspect escaped with the victim’s phone.

The security guard at the facility had no idea that the doctor had just been robbed since the suspect pretended to be in pain as he passed the guard hut.

This is the third time the health facility has been robbed. In October 2015, two men pretended to be sick and robbed a doctor and staff members at the health centre.

In September 2016, a gunman entered the health centre under the pretence of escorting a patient for medical treatment and committed a robbery.


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