The Peter’s Hall lift was this morning commissioned by Minister of Public Infrastructure David Patterson; Minister within the Ministry of Public Infrastructure Jaipaul Sharma; and the ministry’s Permanent Secretary Kenneth Jordan.

A total of five people were selected from communities within the Peter’s Hall area. According to the management of Demerara Habour Bridge, the operators will be working a shift system from 6:00 hrs to 14:00 hrs and from 14:00 hrs to 22:00 hrs. The decision to close the lifts at 22:00 hrs is due to little visibility of pedestrians after the aforementioned time.

The operators will also be outfitted with safety vests and radio sets. They are required to have their radio set on them at all times and, in the event of an emergency, the operators will be able to connect with their supervisor at the Demerara Habour Bridge Corporation.

In giving brief remarks, Minister Patterson urged the young operators to be respectful at all times and to treat the general public, including children, with courtesy.

Additionally, Minister Sharma also echoed the same sentiments as Minister Patterson but added that the operators should respect the elderly, differently-abled, and pregnant women specifically.


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