A lone gunman early this morning dragged a woman by her hair and then threatened to kill her and her two daughters during a robbery at their Grove, East Bank Demerara (EBD) home.

The masked man carried out his attack on the family around 03:00 hrs this morning. In the end, he escaped with a cell phone.

According to information received, early this morning, Marcia Fredericks, 49, ventured out into her yard to wait on a taxi that was supposed to pick up her nephew. At this point in time, the lone gunman was traversing the street on foot.

It is suspected that the bandit only scaled the victim’s fence when he saw her outside in the yard.

The Guyana Standard has been informed that before the woman could react upon seeing the masked man, he had already jumped the fence and grabbed onto her hair. The attacker reportedly dragged her to her apartment where he continued to torture the woman and her two daughters for valuables.

The police confirmed that the man threatened to shoot the mother and her two daughters if he did not get any valuables.

After searching the victim’s apartment, the man escaped but fired a shot at a dog that was barking at him.

Neighbours indicated that they called the police when the gunshot went off but ranks only responded around 06:00 hrs despite the station being located in the same village.


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