School is set to reopen on Monday, September 2, 2019 and measures are being put in place to ensure that there are no unnecessary hiccups. In this regard, the Ministry of Education has announced that it is currently engaged in activities to improve and maintain school infrastructure across the country.

In this regard, over 20 schools in Georgetown are being targeted for repairs, maintenance, and complete rehabilitation. Schools will also benefit from new furniture where necessary.

The Head of the Buildings Unit attached to the Education Ministry, Ron Eastman, accompanied by a senior engineer inspected ongoing works at several city schools yesterday, a Department of Public Information (DPI) report shared.

Eastman explained that the works are being carried out on schools from the nursery through secondary levels and incorporate a range of rehabilitative works, including plumbing, painting, and roof repairs.

“It is a complete rehabilitation in terms of preparation for school reopening. This ranges from existing buildings to new construction from primary to secondary and nursery and these works include not only carpentry but plumbing, electrical, and so forth,” Eastman said.

Among the schools with ongoing works are Stella Maris Nursery School, Queenstown Secondary School, New Campbellville Secondary School, and Bel Air Primary School. Also included in the scope of works are repairs to the bridge that provides access to the David Rose Special School.

Eastman also noted that all aspects of rehabilitative works are being looked at to enhance the quality, appearance, and functionality of the schools. “[This is being done] to ensure that we meet the academic standards and this includes everything from furnishing to the actual accommodation, space, as well as the aesthetics of these locations,” he explained.

The site inspection is aligned with the ministry’s move to make school environments more conducive to learning.


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