In an effort to meet the growing health and occupational safety demands of the oil industry, Eureka Medical Laboratories (EML), a proven credible provider of health services throughout Guyana, has formed a joint venture with Atlantic Offshore Medical Services (AOMS) to launch Eureka Atlantic Offshore Medical Services (EAOMS).

The Guyana Standard understands that AOMS is a long standing provider of occupational and primary and emergency care services to Canada, as well as other territories. In fact, AOMS is also ISO certified with Standing Operating Procedures for all occupational medical services as well as primary and emergency services both on site and remotely. It also has medical evacuation teams and support groups.

This news agency was informed that it was in 2017 that AOMS engaged Andrew Boyle, Chief Executive Officer of EML, to explore how best to execute anticipated service deliverables to the offshore oil and gas industry in Guyana. The Centre for Local Business Development was instrumental in bringing the two together.

As part of the process to join forces, AOMS and EML’s Medical Director and Managing Directors visited various healthcare facilities and the relevant medical professional governing bodies. The Ministry of Public Health was also engaged to discuss the type of services that EAOMS will be undertaking and to determine how they could partner with local stakeholders to positively impact the local community.

To date, the services EAMOS provides include pre-placement medical examinations, offshore pre-access medical examinations based on International standards, Independent Medical Examinations (IMEs), numerous medical specialists available in house ,Return to Work Clearances, Periodic Medical Examinations and drug screening.

EAOMS also has designated physicians who will conduct medical examinations to the required guidelines, including all associated biological screening as required by the Offshore Oil and Gas industry in Guyana. The Guyana Standard understands that all assessments are conducted at the firm’s main office at 263 Thomas Street, North Cummingsburg, Georgetown Guyana.

Additionally, EAOMS has since procured an ambulance, outfitted it according to international standards, and is currently excited to work with St. Joseph’s Mercy Hospital (SJMH). The Guyana Standard understands that joint training and competency assurance programmes will be administered via third party instructors from both Guyana and North America to ensure the provision of a best in class ambulance service to the public and private sectors in Guyana.

The company directors said, “We expect to make a more formal announcement regarding the local partnership and the service being offered once the due diligence is complete and we are jointly ready to provide this service. EAOMS is confident that together, we will become a best in class provider to the oil and gas sector as well as having a positive impact on the community through our collaborative approach to development. EAOMS’ model is to partner with all stakeholders to facilitate industry and help create higher levels of health care both privately and publicly in Guyana.”

Furthermore, EAOMS sought to register its sincere thanks to the Centre for Local Business Development and to the Canadian High Commissioners office in Guyana for helping navigate this successful partnership.


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