In order to import agricultural commodities and regulated articles, including fresh fruits, vegetables, flowers, plants, plant parts, timber and timber products, specific permits are required. Moreover, the National Agricultural Research and Extension Institute (NAREI) is saying that without such permits, importers could be subjected to legal action.

In a statement issued today by NAREI, it was outlined that, “failure to have the requisite permit prior to importation will result in legal actions being taken against defaulters, including confiscation of imported commodities as well as the imposition of penalties – fines and imprisonment for the offence as per the legislation.”

The Plant Protection Act is one that seeks to regulate the importation and exportation of plants, planting material and objects derived from them to protect from the introduction of exotic pests and diseases to Guyana and to control and eradicate diseases and pests within the country. Adherence to this Act means that importers must seek the requisite permits ahead of importation

As such importers desirous of bringing in items that require permits from NAREI must contact the National Plant Protection organisation on telephone numbers (592) 220-5858, 220-2456 or 220-5217 or email [email protected] 




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