Public Infrastructure Minister, David Patterson, says that he is willing to meet, at any time, with the Berbice Bridge Company Incorporated (BCCI) but only to discuss maintenance and repairs of the bridge, not its sale.

The minister’s utterance comes in the wake of a letter he wrote to the company denying their request to meet and discuss the sale of the link. His refusal to meet and negotiate the sale hinges on a matter before the courts.

The BBCI made public the minister’s refusal via a statement issued to the media earlier today. BBCI said that its efforts to meet with the minister came after he made on the National Communication Network (NCN) to the effect that the government had an interest in buying the bridge.

However, Patterson, in a Facebook post, said “As the Minister of Public Infrastructure, I remain laser-focused on the safe and affordable transit of goods and people over the Berbice River, it appears that the company also has an unwavering focus – maximization of financial returns for its shareholders at the expense of the citizens of Guyana.”

Patterson continued, “I am willing to meet at any time to further discuss the maintenance and repairs of this bridge ONLY, the legal case is being handled by the Attorney General’s Chamber, while financial matters remain under the domain of the Ministry of Finance. I will not be accused of fiddling while Rome burns.”



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