Several stringent regulations are reportedly being set into motion to govern marine vessels traversing near the Demerara Harbour Bridge. At least this is according to information emanating from the Maritime Administration Department (MARAD).  This publication is yet to get specific details about the recommendations; but, reports suggest that a move in this direction has been endorsed by the subject Ministers. 

The Demerara Harbour Bridge was recently faced with one of its most challenging mishaps recently, which saw it having to engage tactical expertise that saw the crucial West Bank/East Bank Demerara connection being restored to working order in less than an initially anticipated two days downtime.

While it took just over 24 hours to make the bridge accessible to light vehicular traffic, a few hours more were required to remedy the bridge’s retractor span, to allow crossing of marine vessels.

Minister within the Ministry of Public Infrastructure, Jaipaul, Sharma, has commended the management and staff of the Harbour Bridge for dealing with the situation in a most efficient and professional manner.

Described as a “massive collision” by the Minister, the mishap was created when a foreign registered marine vessel slammed into a section of the bridge throwing it out of alignment.

Even as he praised the efforts engaged to address the challenge that saw the loss of a great deal of revenue for the Harbour Bridge, the Minister said that it is expected that an ongoing investigation will shed more on light on accident. He is convinced that it should have never happened, had the right protocol been followed. The Minister explained that the accident might have been linked to the absence of a local marine official helping to guide the vessel as it approached the bridge amidst strong current and rising tide.

The Minister, however, stopped short of addressing any possible penalties for any person(s) who may be found culpable.


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