Forty-seven-year-old Shastri Dhanasar today pleaded guilty to fraudulent misappropriation.

The charge stated that on September 4, at Nelson Mandela Avenue, Georgetown, being solely entrusted with $4,700 to purchase water and juice for Shamaine Saffi, Dhanasar fraudulently converted the money to his own use and benefit.

An unrepresented Dhanasar appeared before Principal Magistrate Faith McGusty in the Georgetown Magistrate’s Courts.

Dhanasar, in addressing the court, stated, “ I done spend the money and I don’t have time with her. I am the person causing all the trouble in this county, y’all gone have to kill me.”

Facts presented by Police Prosecutor Sean Blackman stated that the victim and the defendant are known to each other since he would normally do work for the neighbours.

The Prosecutor told the court that on the day in question, around 15:30 hrs, the victim asked Dhanasar to purchase water and juice for her and she gave him $4,700.

However, he never returned with the items or the money. The matter was then reported and he was arrested, hence the charge.

The magistrate, after listening to the facts, fined Dhanasar $40,000 or four months imprisonment.


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