Solutions are actively being sought to address the prevailing solid waste challenge Guyana is faced with. Yesterday saw the launching of a strategic partnership between the Ministry of Communities, through its Green Generation Guyana 3Gs programme, and STEM Guyana.

The tactical move is expected to see the realization of solutions to the management of solid waste throughout Guyana.

The two partners, it is expected, will participate in various projects collectively for the remaining of this year. “We have more than 52 clubs across the country, and we will give them different projects every week to look at the various waste management projects that we have in the country and to get the input of the young people, as to how they would manage their waste to solve these problems… we will also introduce new policies for them, and hopefully, we will see a change in the waste management practices of our country,” said STEM Guyana’s Paul Glasgow.

Additionally, Communities Minister, Annette Ferguson, said that her ministry is working assiduously to do its part in ensuring that students understand their responsibility to the environment and that assistance of everyone is needed to achieve the task at hand. 

“Government will continue to promote the green agenda which is now critical to the survival of our families, our country and that of our planet,” said Ferguson. According to her, government is prepared to “partner with like-minded individuals, activists and civil society groups and organizations in the fight to keep our biodiversity intact and preserve our environment.”




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