The Government of Guyana (GoG) may very well have to seek clarification from the international community following a statement they issued urging the President to announce a date for the hosting of General and Regional Elections, says Peoples’ National Congress Reform (PNCR) Executive Member, Gary Best.

The former Chief of Staff told media operatives during a media engagement at Congress Place, Sophia yesterday that he believes it may be “prudent” for the government to clarify any doubts that could come from any statement.

“There are some doubts in the statement…The government, I believe, may very well seek to clarify what might have been said in the statement. Because if you look at it carefully, there were four paragraphs and they don’t mesh with each other,” the retired Rear Admiral said.

He added that the envois’ mentioning of the date, September 18, also fuels the need for clarification since  “such a date [for elections] was never ever given by the CCJ (Caribbean Court of Justice)”.

“So yes, I believe that they may be some clarification sought,” he reiterated.

The United State of America (USA), Britain and the European Union (EU), issued the call to President David Granger on Thursday, following the Guyana Elections Commission’s (GECOM) announcement that the machinery will be greased and ready for elections by February next year.

The envois in this statement wrote, “prevailing political uncertainty undermines Guyanese institutions, compromises economic opportunities and delays development across all areas including infrastructure, education, health, and social services.”

Further to that, the representatives noted that the political uncertainty also hinders their ability to support Guyana’s development needs.


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