Linden shooting…

Investigators are saying that the man at the center of the fatal shooting of 24-year-old Eon Williams at Lover’s Lane, Amelia’s Ward, Linden, on Saturday night was in Cayenne but his car was used in the execution-style killing.

Just after 21:00 hrs on Saturday, two gunmen—wearing dark “hoodies”–opened fire on the young businessman and his girlfriend, 20-year-old Malita Antigua while they were sitting in a Nissan Juke. The men gave chase until they caught up with the couple at Lover’s Lane where they killed Williams.

Antigua was shot to the back and leg. She is hospitalized at the Linden Hospital Complex. The Cayenne based gang leader was fingered in the shooting because Williams was the cousin of ex-cop Teon Allen called “Spoil child.”

Allen is said to be the leader of a gang in Linden which has been in conflict with the Cayenne gang and was charged early this month for shooting at two women in Linden, including the mother of the Cayenne gang leader, Denise Grant.

It is suspected that Williams’ death was in retaliation to the shooting of Denise Grant. Divisional Commander, Ramesh Ashram in an interview this morning said that Grant was picked up by the police after it was confirmed that the car used by the gunmen belonged to her son.

“She claimed that she rented the car to some guy and she gave us a call name for the guy with no address or any other information,” Ashram said while adding that persons are very tight-lipped regarding the shooting.

Investigators are however working on a number of other leads in an attempt to find Williams’ shooters.

On the night of the shooting, Williams, who police say has no criminal record, left his home in Wismar, Linden and went to pick up his girlfriend from a birthday party at Amelia’s Ward when the shooting took place.

According to information received, Williams had parked between First and Third Streets, Amelia’s Ward and was talking to Antigua when the two gunmen started shooting at them. The 24-year-old managed to drive off but the men followed him to Lover’s lane where they killed him.

They abandoned their vehicle and escaped on foot.


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