The Mayor and Councillors of the City (M&CC) of Georgetown wishes to inform the public that Stabroek Market will be closed today.

This is as a result of flooding at the Stabroek Market caused by the overtopping of Demerara River due to unusually high tides, yesterday.

Today, the Council will only allow Stallholders access to the Market, using the middle gate located at the southern entrance to the Market.

The Georgetown Municipality says that it sincerely regrets the inconvenience caused and wishes to assure the general public that the Council is working assiduously to restore normalcy to the operations of the Market.

Also, the Council also wishes to advise that the High Tide warning is still in effect.


  1. I find it ironic that on the same page as news about the closure of Stabroek Market because the Demerara River has over flowed it banks, there is an article about oil wealth distribution. The news about melting icecaps and rising sea levels due to fossil fuels seems to have gotten lost somewhere along the way, never mind the fact that we are one people, one nation, one destiny drowning our ignorance.


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