Divisional Commander, Crystal Robinson has confirmed that her ranks have arrested one suspect in the shooting of 18-year-old Feida Mohamed during a robbery at her Charity, Essequibo home last night. Commander Robinson also disclosed that they are now hunting for two other persons.

The Guyana Standard understands that surveillance footage helped the investigators identify the suspects.

Up to press time, the detectives were also interrogating the lone suspect in an attempt to track down his accomplices. The suspect, who has been arrested, sells CDs in Charity and resides at Cotton Field, Essequibo.

It was initially reported that a bullet grazed the teen at the side of her head. However, Robinson explained that Mohamed was shot in the face. She has since been air-dashed to a private hospital in Georgetown where she is being treated.

According to information received, the victim, her siblings, and mother reside in the upper flat of their two-storey home and they operate the Manzoor General Store in the lower flat.

Last night, the CD vendor went to the shop and asked for a bottle of water but when Mohamed’s sister gave him the beverage, he held her and a customer who was in the shop at gunpoint and forced his way into the shop.

The Guyana Standard has been informed that soon after the CD vendor got inside the business place, his accomplices appeared and they took their victims upstairs and tied them up as they raided the house.

Feida Mohamed was in another section of the house and when she realized what was happening, she began to scream, causing one of the suspects to open fire at her—shooting her to the face.

The men then made good their escape with an undisclosed amount of cash.


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