A miner was killed early this morning when the mining pit he was working in collapsed at Karouni, Region Seven.

The deceased has been identified as Ryan Taylor of Albert Street, Alberttown, Georgetown.

Taylor was working with Troy Resources.

Guyana Standard has been informed that a group of workers were working in a pit early this morning when a section of it collapsed.

Based on reports received, Taylor was working on the section that collapsed. By the time workers pulled out his body, he was already dead.

Meanwhile, one of Taylor’s former  colleagues took to social media to explain the working condition at the mining camp.

He said, “This was a time bomb waiting to explode. The environment was one of the most unsafe places I have ever been and all the mine’s manager from Brazil does is a gesture with his hands that says work, work and production. The main objective of that place was production, the walls were literally vertical with no shelfing. They always complained of not making target and chased the gold without seriously considering the safety of locals.”


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