The Swedish company, Cibes Lift International AB, that installed lifts at East Bank Demerara (EBD) pedestrian overpasses will be carrying out remedial works free of cost.

This is according to the Public Infrastructure Ministry’s Public Relations Officer (PRO), Davina Ramdass, who told the Guyana Standard that because the defects were reported during what is called the “defects and liability period”, the contractor has an obligation to implement corrective works at no added cost to the Ministry.

The company had given a two-year defect and liability period.

The Ministry opted to contact the company after reports of defects began to surface in the media. The company has since signaled its willingness to rectify these faults.

In addition to the elevators not functioning, the Ministry said that it is aware that water has been accumulating at the bottom of the lifts, though marketed by the company as “weather resistant” among other things. Further to that, the ministry reported that a glass pane was shattered on the Providence lift, along with the lack of ventilation at the other overpasses situated in Diamond, Houston, Eccles and Peter’s Hall.

In a letter to the Chief Executive Officer of the contracting firm, dated September 27, 2019, the ministry highlighted the discomfort being encountered by pedestrians due to these issues.

In a subsequent response to the Ministry, dated October 2, 2019, the Manager at Cibes Lift International AB wrote on behalf of the contracting firm to assure that a visit will be arranged for next month, where an assessment will be done.

Guyana Standard understands that US$364,000 was allocated for the Diamond overpass and US$1M for those at Houston, Eccles, and Peter’s Hall.


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