The Government of Guyana (GoG), on Wednesday, submitted a list of renewable energy projects to the Government of India to secure funding. The Asian nation has $4Billion in grants available exclusively for Guyana that can fund capital projects in renewable energy.

According to the Department of Public Information (DPI), Guyana’s projects will incorporate solar energy, and quoted the Infrastructure Minister, David Patterson, during a presentation on the fourth day of the 13th National Toshaos Council Conference, as saying: Our idea for the projects is to have mini-grids, not rooftops [systems]. We would like larger components that can power entire villages,”

The minister noted that with the grant, the ministry hopes to fund the acquisition of containerised hydro systems that are nearly 20 feet long and contain batteries, switchgears along with all necessary components to make the system work.

“We will be looking to procure a series of those, carry the containers to your villages, hook it up and put out the panels, and then we will assist you to carry the power to your individual areas” Minister Patterson was reported as saying.

Minister Patterson reminded the audience that during 2018, Prime Minister Modi of India met with leaders of CARICOM at the United Nations in which he announced US$165M ($34.4Billion) in grants for renewable energy projects.

This announcement comes on the heels of a meeting that was recently had between the Newly appointed Indian High Commissioner to Guyana, Dr. K. J. Srinivasa and Patterson. The envoy during that engagement conveyed his government’s desire to fund projects in Guyana related to solar and renewable energy as well as climate change. The submission of that list of projects comes one day after the meeting was held.




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