Two brothers, who the police say are among six men wanted for the murder of 24-year-old Eon Williams on September 28, last at Lover’s Lane, Amelia’s Ward, have surrendered.

Renard Caesar, 23 and Richard Caesar, 25, walked into the Criminal Investigation Department at Eve Leary, Georgetown this afternoon and denied being a part of a gang that executed Williams and injured his girlfriend, Melita Antigua.

The siblings are currently being interrogated by ranks.

Also wanted for the murder are Denzil Grant, Randy Billy, 32; Sherwin Benjamin and Martin Fraser, 21, all of Linden.

Based on information received, Grant is the leader of a gang that has been operating in both Cayanne and Guyana. The other men wanted for Williams’ murder are said to be members of his gang.

The car that the gunmen used to execute Williams is registered to Grant.

Guyana Standard has been informed that Grant’s gang is in rivalry with another gang in Linden which is being operated by the deceased’s cousin, ex-cop Teon Allen called “Spoil Child.”

“Spoil Child was recorded on surveillance footage shooting at Grant’s mother, Denise, in early September, last.

Police believe that it was this shooting that caused Williams his life.

Anyone with information of the whereabouts of the four wanted men is asked to call the nearest police station.


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