….Wanted bulletin issued

The man who drove two bandits to a Da Silva Street, Kitty, Georgetown gold dealership last Monday, where they carried out an attempted robbery, killing businessman Deon Stoll in the process, has confessed. He also revealed the names of the two shooters.

The Guyana Police Force has since issued a wanted bulletin for Lennox Estwic, 23, of Lot 640 South Amelia’s Ward, Linden and 33-year-old Delon ‘Demon’ Morgan. Both men have brushes with the law.

Five persons are already in police custody, including a young doctor who gave medical attention to one of the robbers who was shot.

Guyana Standard understands that there was also another car tha transported persons who were involved in the robbery scheme. That car first tailed the businessman from a Sheriff Street, Georgetown gold dealership to Kitty, where the second car with the shooters continued the journey.

Investigators were able to crack the case on Wednesday when the getaway driver of the white Toyota 212 that was used in the robbery abandoned it at Peter’s Hall, East Bank Demerara (EBD).

The owner of the car was tracked down, he revealed the name of the person who had rented the car to work taxi. That person turned out to be the getaway driver. He was first arrested and then he led the police to the doctor who treated the wounded bandit. The other three persons were later arrested

Guyana Standard has been informed that the robbery of the businessman was in the making for almost a week. Based on the information provided by the getaway driver, he and his gang had planned to rob anyone who showed up at the Sheriff Street’s business place since it is perceived that only ‘big’ gold dealers visit that establishment.

On the day of the robbery, Stoll showed up. As he was leaving, a car with three persons followed him to Kitty, where a second car with the shooters picked up and followed him to a second gold dealership in that area.

Surveillance footage shows the businessmen’s car being driven along Da Silva Street—heading towards the gold dealership with the gunmen’s car—a white Toyota 212, trailing closely behind.

Just as Stoll’s driver drove onto a parking spot in front of the company, the suspects stopped, and two gunmen jumped out of their vehicle and ran to both doors. The gunmen immediately opened fire.

Stoll was seen on the footage returning fire while his driver tried to wrestle one of the men. One of the gunmen might have been shot since he fell on the roadway when Stoll fired shots at him.

He succumbed to his injuries about an hour later. Anyone with information on the whereabouts of the alleged shooters is asked to call the police.


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