For several months now, Matthew Wilks, an Australian Petroleum Consultant, who was retained to serve the APNU+AFC Government, has not been in Guyana. His absence led many to wonder whether the Government brought an early end to his contract. But Energy Department Head, Dr. Mark Bynoe sought to clear the air recently on this front as he explained to members of the media that Wilks is working under a “different arrangement.”

Expounding further, Dr. Bynoe said that while Wilks is not in Guyana, he is still a consultant for the Energy Department via calls. The Energy Director said that Wilks preferred to have this arrangement since he has a relatively young family.

“…So being away for long periods was posing a strain (on his family) but he is still our advisor,” Dr. Bynoe added.

It was last year August that the government hired the 56-year-old to serve as a consultant. The Guyana Standard subsequently exposed how most of his 32 years of experience in the sector comes from serving the interests of the world’s oil giants like British Petroleum, ConocoPhillips, Premier Oil and Maersk Oil. (See link for more details:


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