Following almost two years of planning and preparation, the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Guyana Gold and Diamond Miners Association (GGDMA) have agreed to a number of mining properties being converted from prospective to mining permits.

These conversions apply to lands previously held, for a number of years, under prospection permits and now clears the way for them to be developed into production mines. The mining companies and miners to benefit from this facility are –

• Queensway Inc.
• Aranka Gold Inc.
• Innovation Mining Inc.
• Major Miners Inc.
• Cuyuni River Ventures Inc.
• Sun and Sand Mining & Minerals Inc.
• Saratu Phillips
• Clarence Grannum
• Alfro Alphonso
• Guiana Shields Resources Inc.
• Precious Metal Mines Inc.
• Adamanitum Holdings

The GGDMA had requested this facility in 2018 for some of its members who desired to have their mining properties that would be converted from prospection to mining.

Some of the conditions attached to the grant include –
• Utilising new technologies that reduce the use and impact of mercury
• Employing 50% of labour from areas near to the mine
• Providing scholarships for training and other socio-benefits for communities contiguous to the mines
• Formulating an approved reclamation plan for the mine after the closure

This measure is expected to increase mineral production and boost direct foreign investments into Guyana’s economy. The two sides met today to finalise the process and to discuss matters of concern and interest such as continued engagement with the President, the functioning of the Closed Area Committee, maintenance of roads and public infrastructure, and mercury use.



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