In preparation for the effective management of Guyana’s oil industry, two reputable international organizations have passed on key standards to local authorities which would assist them in measuring accurately, the flow of oil from the Stabroek block.

Specifically leading the training was the American Petroleum Institute (API) and the International Association of Oil and Gas Producers (IOGP). Officials from the Department of Energy, the Guyana National Bureau of Standards, and the Environmental Protection Agency were the main beneficiaries of this recent exercise.

Debra Phillips, Vice President of API’s Global Industry Services noted that API and IOGP provided training on the key standards for measuring the flow of oil from Guyana’s wells as well as rules that govern the calculation of revenues generated by production.

Phillips intimated that the production metering system is only the beginning of opportunities to promote safe oil and gas production in Guyana while noting that API and partners like IOGP are pleased to be able to assist Guyana in this regard. In fact, the Vice President said that the organizations are helping Guyana create a comprehensive energy infrastructure while encouraging the adoption of international best practices and training programmes.

Further, Phillips said that this work in Guyana is part of API’s strategic international initiative to work with partners and countries that recognise API’s world-class standards in their national energy plans. She noted that API’s standards are regarded worldwide as the gold standard for safety, environmental protection, reliability and overall sustainable growth of energy resources.

In addition to this, API’s standards, she said, are developed using the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) third-party accreditation process. This allows API’s trusted standards to be adopted by regulators worldwide seeking to grow their nations’ energy industry in a safe and sustainable way.


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