Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company (GTT), Justin Nedd has called on potential oil and gas investors to “make Guyana better”, as they look to tap into the developing sector. He made this call on day 2 of the second annual Guyana International Petroleum Business Summit and Exhibition (GIPEX) being held at the Marriott Hotel, Kingston Guyana.

Nedd encouraged potential investors to get onboard with current development projects in Guyana. He asked also, that investors try to leave Guyana “in a better place” than how they found it.

Nedd even provided some tips for doing so. He said that investors should hire for attitude; train and help foster talent; show heart; and embrace communities. He also told attendees that they should strive to be seen doing good, rather than just be heard talking about doing good.

In detailing GTT’s 30-year presence in Guyana, Nedd spoke of the opportunities for growth in Guyana.

He noted that back in 1991, GTT only had 10,000 copper lines with no mobile nor internet service. He spoke also of the long wait that was associated with making long-distance calls.

Nedd said that today, GTT has 150,000 copper cables; 250,000 mobile subscribers; 70,000 Broadband connections; and more than US$200M invested.

The CEO reported that from January 2018 there was a 500% increase in internet traffic.

Nedd also encouraged investors to partake in GTT’s initiative, “Pinktober”, a commercial adaptation of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month that promotes breast cancer awareness.

GTT tripled its sponsorship of GIPEX by plugging US$60,000 into this year’s expo.


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