Following the tragic death of Ryan Taylor in October last at its mining pit, Troy Resources says it will make every effort to improve its worker’s safety practices if it restarts its Guyana operations.

In a paid advertisement, the company said that in the case of a restart, all employees will be retrained in the basics of safety before returning to the pit. The Aussie firm noted that the recent accident caused it to break down its existing safety training modules into smaller units with the hope that there is better retention of what is taught.

Troy boasted that over the last 35 years, it has enjoyed a relatively accident-free operation in all jurisdictions (Argentine, Brazil, Australia) while emphasizing that it maintains a strong safety focus using modern methods and systems.

Further to this, Troy said that the statistics, (which it did not provide) for over the last four years, demonstrate that it has been delivering continuous improvement, performing in line with the industry standards.

Troy noted that it has even been awarded by the National Advisory Council on Occupational Safety and Health (NACOSH) for the last two years for outstanding performance in the promotion and maintenance of occupational safety ad health standards in the workplace.


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