Five Guyanese are stilled wanted by the International Criminal Police Organization (Interpol) for various alleged crimes including rape, murder, and battery. Those persons are 47-year-old Harry Narine; Benvolio Valenski, 27; Julie Ravel, 65; George Hercules, 64 and Neon Jemmott, 41.

Narine is wanted by Canadian officials in connection to attempted murder; two instances of aggravated assault; assault with a weapon; disobeying court order, and failing to comply with his recognizance.

Valenski is wanted by Canadian officials for unauthorized possession of a firearm; pointing a firearm; possession of a weapon; discharging firearm with intent to wound and endanger life; conspiracy to commit murder; occupying motor vehicle with a firearm and attempted murder. Valenski has a tattoo on his upper left arm of an eagle. He also has a tattoo on his right forearm with the name, “Gaetree”. His right upper arm also includes a tattoo of “prayer arms” along with a “rosary” tattoo.

Ravel is listed as a dual citizen (German/Guyanese) and is wanted by the authorities in Uruguay for alleged homicide.

Jemmott is wanted by the authorities in Canada for alleged first-degree murder, while Hercules is wanted by the United States to answer the charge of sexual battery upon a child.

The updated list sees the removal of Marcus Bisram, who was added two years ago after he was being sought by local police for the murder of a Carpenter, Faiyaz Narinedatt, in 2016 at Berbice. Bisram has since been extradited from the United States and was subsequently remanded after the particulars of the charge stated that he allegedly coerced, procured and commanded five persons to murder Narinedatt.


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