The People’s Progressive Party’s (PPP) manifesto, which was launched earlier today, will be open for suggestions from the public, to ensure that the citizens have a role to play in some of the policies that would be implemented should the party emerge victorious at the March 2, 2020 polls.

This was disclosed by the party’s presidential candidate, Irfaan Ali, as he addressed special invitees and the media at Freedom House, Robb Street.
“This process is a transparent one, and I want to thank the party for opening up the process for developing this manifesto,” he said.

The former housing minister noted that the summary of plans was made following discussions with “thousands” of Guyanese, who contributed “tremendously”. He said that the party is keen on ensuring that the electorate is given the chance to say what kind of measures they would like to see implemented.

Ali is of the belief that this approach will foster greater trust between the people and a PPP government.

The politician spoke about various plans including the slashing of corporate tax and the restructuring of the national budget in order to limit excess and extravagant spending. These measures, he said, will ensure that greater emphasis will be placed on the things that really matter.

Ali said that persons who have questions, or even doubts about some of the PPP’s proposed plans, can forward these queries and concerns to the party.

The presidential candidate said that the manifesto is based on several principles including equity and fairness.

“Very importantly, the plan identifies and ensures that resources of our country must be, and will be handled in an equitable way so that every single person feels a part of, and will have ownership…This plan is based on the principle of fairness. Our polices must show that it can withstand scrutiny and [test] of fairness,” Ali said.

He said too that the manifesto includes pro-poor approaches to development.

Ali called for Guyanese to lend the PPP an ear regardless of where they fall on the political divide. “If you support us or not, please give us a chance to be heard. Let us into your homes and your hearts, and see what we have to offer because a PPP/C will govern in the best interest of all,” Ali said.


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