A young man who was recently released from prison for stabbing his sister and escaping from lawful custody, was today slapped with four charges.

Twenty-one-year-old, Daniel Boutrim of 157 Guyhoc Park, Georgetown, appeared before Principal Magistrate, Faith McGusty in the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts.

The first charge stated that on December 9, 2019, at East La Penitence Police Station, Georgetown, he unlawfully assaulted Lance Corporal, Madessa Ajaday causing her actual bodily harm.

It was further alleged that on the same day and at the same location, he made use of threatening language towards Lance Corporal Madessa Ajaday.

The third charge stated that on December 9, 2019, at Stevedore Housing Scheme, he unlawfully assaulted Shamaine Lamazon.

The last charge stated that on the same day and at the same location, he unlawfully and maliciously damaged six window panes valued $1,200, property of Shamaine Lamazon.

Boutrim pleaded guilty to the first charge and denied the latter charges.

Facts presented by the court prosecutor stated that on the day in question, Lance Corporal Ajaday was on duty when she received a call from someone saying that a male was in Stevedore Housing Scheme, trying to murder a female.

The court heard that a party of officers went to the address where they made contact with the defendant. He was then arrested and taken to the East La Penitence Police Station. However, while at the station, the Lance Corporal told him to sit on the prisoners’ bench and he dealt her a slap to her face. Hence, he was charged for the offence.

Boutrim, in his explanation to the court stated,” I went by my child mother to reason her and the windows break because I was bracing on them.”

In relation to the charge he pleaded guilty to he stated,” while I was at the station the officer kept pushing and kicking me so I got upset and slap her. I apologise for hitting her.

The Magistrate, after listening to the facts, fined Boutrim $20,000 for assaulting the peace officer and released him on a total of $30,000 bail for the charges he denied.

He was instructed to make his next court appearance on December 18, 2019.

Two weeks ago, Boutrim was released from prison after serving time for escaping custody and stabbing his sister.


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