31-year-old Shawn Harris was this afternoon found guilty of the February 05, 2017, murder of Sunil Singh, who was stabbed during an altercation between some men at the Blue Martini Night Club on Lamaha, Street, Georgetown. Harris, also known as ‘Shawny’ and ‘Bruck Up’ had initially pleaded not guilty to the charge after he was arraigned before Justice Jo Ann Barlow at the Demerara High Court. Following a summing up of the case this morning, the jurors were sent to deliberate on a verdict.

Harris, a father of two and three-time convict, will be sentenced on Thursday, January 16, 2020. Meanwhile, he remains on remand. Based on reports, Singh, also known as ‘Grey’, 42, was stabbed about his body while trying to prevent a robbery from happening at the night club. Police in a release had said that three men had visited the club after a police patrol went to enforce the 2am curfew.

Singh, who is said to be homeless, after observing the men acting suspiciously outside the night club, alerted a bartender, who refused the men access to the club by telling them it was closed. An altercation ensued between the bartender and one of the men, who stabbed the bartender to his left arm. Singh intervened and was struck to the head. He ran from the scene and collapsed on the roadway.

Harris was represented by attorney Maxwell McKay, while the case for the State was presented by Prosecutors Shawnette Austin and Sarah Martin.


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