The setting up of helplines and services for persons looking to quit tobacco is on The National Tobacco Control Council’s 2020 agenda, which is aimed at ensuring all sections of society are aware of the tobacco control laws and regulations and how they will be affected.

Talk with students on the dangers of tobacco use will also be conducted.

The measures and target areas for the 2020 plan rollout were discussed at the two quarterly meetings held since its launch in May.

The council members underwent a two-day tobacco sensitisation workshop on December 10 and 18 where they were informed about tobacco use, the health risks, how to address them, and their roles on the council.

The advisory role to play to the Minister of Public Health was also underscored.

The 2020 plan includes initiatives to protecting non-smokers, especially children, from second and third-hand smoke while ensuring the ban on smoking in public places is in effect.

Another component is to ensure the local tobacco industry complies with the regulations relating to the packaging, promotion and sale of tobacco products.

The council will spearhead several capacity-building workshops for media personnel, inspectorate agencies, enforcement agencies, and critical ministries such as the education and public health ministries.

Meanwhile, the threats posed by non-traditional tobacco use such as hookah smoking and vaping will also be spotlighted.

The council plans to utilise both traditional and new media to ensure the message of tobacco cessation reaches as far as possible.



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