It seems as though an ongoing rivalry between two Linden gangs has taken a new twist this morning when the home of one of the suspected gang leaders, Teon Allen called “Spoil Child” went up in flames.

The house, which is located at Lot 12 Fairs Rust, McKenzie, Linden was burnt sometime around 02:45 hrs this morning. No one was at home when the fire started.

While the Guyana Fire Service has not yet determined the cause for the blaze, a police source said that arson is suspected. “Once it has to do with Allen, then it is arson. Allen, we heard, is in hiding right now.”

Guyana Standard has been informed that Allen and his acquaintances have been feuding with the members from another gang for sometime now, causing an uneasy atmosphere in the Mining town since members from both gangs are always out to get each other.

The other gang is headed by a Lindener, Denzil Grant, who is currently in Cayenne. A wanted bullet was issued for him and five men from his gang for the September 28, 2019 murder of Allen’s cousin, Eon Williams.

Williams was gunned down and his girlfriend was injured when gunmen opened fire on them at Lover’s Lane, Linden. The gunmen used Grant’s car to follow their victims and later abandoned it at the scene.

According to information received, Williams was killed as retaliation to Allen shooting at the home of Grant’s mother earlier in that month. Allen was charged for that shooting and the matter is still ongoing.

Since Williams’ murder, there has been numerous attempts by both gangs to “take out” each other with three members from Grant’s gang, attempting to shoot Allen in October, last at La Penitence Market but their plan backfired when Allen returned fire and injured one of the gunmen.’

Additionally, on December 16, last, Allen was charged with discharging a loaded firearm at an inspector and being in possession of illegal arms and ammunition.

Based on information received, the police had received information that Allen and a group of men had collected a gun from an East Bank Demerara’s location and they were heading to Georgetown in a car.

The police managed to track down the car and Allen was subsequently apprehended after he tried to open fire on the lawmen.

Allen has several matters in court, including harbouring wanted men.


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