President David Granger recently announced that his government will soon unveil a national development plan to cover the next 10 years. That plan which will make use of the oil revenue to come will be titled, “Decade of Development, 2020-2029.”

According to the President, the plan is aimed at ensuring that petroleum resources will be utilized to provide the ‘good life’ for all. The President added, “The ‘Decade’ is a 10-year plan to intensify development and improve citizens’ quality of life. Every Guyanese will benefit from petroleum production. No one will be left behind.”

He further stated that petroleum production will be a transformative process in the country’s economic development while noting that it will stimulate increased employment and expand services.

Since making this statement, the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) was quick to note that while Granger continues to tout his ‘Decade of Development’ mantra as the panacea for finally fulfilling the ‘good life’, it only serves to expose his penchant for declaratory statements and sloganeering since ‘first oil’ has nothing to do with any effort on his part.

It further noted that the President should be ashamed to have made a proclamation about naming December 20, ‘National Petroleum Day’, considering the Coalition’s unenviable list of failures in the oil and gas sector.

More so, the PPP said that Granger should be ashamed that his declaration came on the anniversary of the successful and valid passage of the No-Confidence Motion, which resulted in the fall of his APNU+AFC Coalition government.


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