The World Bank will be assisting the Government of Guyana in its efforts to hire an experienced Consultant who would develop the capacity of the Energy Department to review Field Development Plans (FDP).

According to the loan agreement seen by the Guyana Standard, the Consultant is to conduct an in-depth review of Field Development Plans, Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and supporting documents submitted by the Contractor(s).

The in-depth review is expected to include at a minimum, an assessment of the strategy and the development model, as well as the criteria for the choices that have been made by the Contractor (with a particular focus on cost-effectiveness) and potential alternatives; the engineering, geological and geophysical interpretations, simulations, and estimations (with a particular focus on recovery factor efficiency using natural gas injection and available natural gas for export); and the proposed project schedule with a particular focus on tail-end production.

The chosen Consultant is also required to prepare a report setting out the opinions formed in the evaluation of the FDP and EIA, highlighting any deficiencies, unresolved issues, and areas of additional technical analysis that government should request from the Contractor before making a determination on the FDP, as applicable.

Of significance is the requirement to provide on-the-job training to the Energy Department during the FDP evaluation process. In fact, the Consultant is expected to incorporate one to four professional staff of the Department of Energy and the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission in the team and provide requisite training and guidance throughout the review process.

All costs for the Consultant and participating staff members in relation to travelling and accommodation would be handled by the government.


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