The Ethnic Relations Commission, (ERC), is once again calling on political parties to urge their supporters to desist from taunting and intimidating others from opposing sides.

In its missive to the media earlier today, the Commission condemned the ‘unacceptable’ conduct of purported supporters of contesting political parties over the past few days, which have resulted in heated confrontations in different parts of the country, such as at Wismar in Linden and Non Pariel, East Coast Demerara.

The Commission is calling on political leaders to urge their supporters to immediately stop and reject any inclination by their supporters to taunt, confront and intimidate others of opposing sides. The ERC is engaging political leaders on those developments and its proposed Code of Conduct as well.

“The ERC wishes to remind that under the Laws of Guyana, campaigning by political parties during the elections period is allowed, but wants citizens and supporters to reject outright all attempts at provocation, and instead concentrate on issues being put forward by the candidates. The ERC will continue to monitor the political campaigns with vigilance and play its role in promoting harmony, good relations and peace in our society,” the release stated.

The A Partnership for National Unity + Alliance for Change (APNU+AFC) claimed earlier this week that its campaign organizers were harassed, threatened, bullied and intimidated by persons who purported to represent the opposition People’s Progressive Party (PPP/C).

The PPP/C on the other hand, has accused APNU+AFC supporters of intimidating and provoking its speakers during an outreach in Linden. A video posted by PPP/C member, Nigel Dharamlall on Facebook, shows persons who purported to represent the APNU+AFC taunting PPP/C party candidate Hugh Todd.



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